Friday, July 6, 2012

KNOW THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT "SAFE SEX" AS REVEALED BY THE ZOHAR: Any Form of Wasting or Spilling of Semen (Sperm) Produces Demons!

All the hypes about Safe Sex, Condoms, Contraception, RH Bill, Same-sex Marriage, Homosexuality, Pornography, and the likes, has only one subtle and heinous purpose: TO DEFEAT THE DIVINE PURPOSE AND FUNCTION OF THE SEMEN OR SPERM CELL! Are there spiritual consequences unknown to man, resulting from these sinful and abominable practices?

Messianic-Kabbalist Pastor General

The Sperm is a source of Life, and it is designed by God to fertilize an egg cell of a wife or woman, which would grow to become a living human body. God can then send a soul to dwell inside that living human body. All normal human beings, except Adam and Eve, came from this seed and underwent such a life process.

Thus, God designed the semen or sperm for the one and only  destination -- the woman's vagina, womb, or sex organ. 

This means that the use of condoms and whatever method that defeats this God-designed sex and life function of the sperm is a sin, evil, and an abomination. 

The Miracle of Conception and the Human Birth, as started by the sperm, was greatly appreciated by King David, and God greatly blessed him. That appreciation and gratitude was so important for all human beings, such that God made those inspired words of King David as part of the His divine Torah or the Bible (Psa 139:13-16)! 

But today, almost the whole world downgraded and nullify this great Miracle of God, even making it trivial. Using their corrupted human reasonings, the people with their leaders approved such things as "safe sex," same-sex marriages, etc. So, because of all these sins and abominations, the whole world is cursed!


According to the ZOHAR, the semen, sperm, or seed from men are designed by God to be placed only in a woman's sex organ or womb. And the Zohar said that, sperms that did not land in its proper destination became DEMONS! 


The Zohar explains that the Demons are unfinished creations.

The Sperm is the physical and tangible beginning of that life process. If the Sperm is prevented from fulfilling its God-designed purpose, then it just becomes an unfinished creation! Being an unfinished creation, the wasted sperm fits snugly to the definition of a DEMON! The Life force contained in the Sperm then became an instrument for death, curse, sufferings, evils, and destruction! 
Do we still wonder why there are lots of evils in the world today? With this terrifying truth; can anyone still says that there is such a thing as SAFE SEX? 

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